Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lumberjocks: Woodworking Paraphernalia by Trent

I am entranced by professional wood workers.  The obsession with detail, ingenuity, imagination, and hard work that goes into a finished project is amazing.  As I'm still developing my skills and building my arsenal of tools, I find myself searching for other works as inspiration.  LumberJocks satisfies this search.
Gorgeous hand carved chairs take such attention to detail.  The wood choice, the joinery, the angles and carved seat, the finish, I wouldn't even know where to start with a project like this.  But my lord I want to sit in it!

I like to call furniture like this "Alice in Wonderland Furniture." Pieces that look like they're going to come alive.  I mean WOW!   Can you imagine seeing this greet you everyday at your front door?  Some of the incredible features on this piece are wooden hinges, one of the eyes was a knot in wood (HOW COOL!), a ton of different wood choices to make this come alive, and just the incredible imagination!  Super neat.
Check out this awesome hammock!  This guy used bent lamination, or thin strips that he bent to a form, then glued together to make the finished product.  Wood bending is exciting and terrifying at the same time to me!
Here's another great bent lamination technique, with a glass table to highlight the bends!

I like when people mix materials other than wood; glass and metal are fascination additions
Here's another awesome bending piece.  This table was made completely from a 2x4!  INCREDIBLE!
And if you think that table's amazing, look at this birdcage!  It's made from 1 2x4x8!!!  The ingenuity and time taken to develop pieces like these just astound me!

You can see how easy it is to get sucked into that website.  So many incredible craftsmen with unique perspectives and styles.  This place really gets my gears turning.  I just wish I had all of the tools and time necessary to create the projects I have in mind.  

Normally I just build from necessity.  Some garden boxes and a garden fence which was NECESSARY as Gabe kept picking everything before it was even close to ripe: 
In the background you can see the garden fence and fence picket garden boxes
And here's a baby gate I made out of a crib to keep the kids out of the kitchen.  I have a how to article I'm going to publish in the near future on this.

Baby Gate
The only true labor of love that I've created for my family is a rocking horse for Gabe's birthday. This was made using the Wood Whisperer's plans.

Rocking horse
I want to make either a pirate ship or a different rocking animal for Abbey's first birthday or Christmas.

Anyways, Lumberjocks is an awesome website, and totally addicting!  Take a short look around, if you're interested in wood working in the slightest, it will turn into a long look.

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