Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun Facts

I have spent the last several weeks fighting with the used pool we bought off Craigslist. Around children and polite company we refer to her as the Big Blue Bohemith. In private, I refer to her as something far more colorful. Five patched holes, two replaced valves (four if you count the first two we bought that were wrong), two fixed plumbing leaks, and some pool chemicals later we may finally be able to swim in her tomorrow. Hm. I'll wait and see on that one.

Isn't she soooo pretty? Maybe not now, but she'll clean up well.

While digging holes under the legs of our swing set today in preparation for concrete supports, I uncovered a large section of tree root. Directly in my way. Of course. Forty five minutes, a jigsaw, a handsaw, a hammer, a screwdriver, and a pick axe later we broke off six inches of it. The hubbs and I declared it good enough and went inside to commiserate over a beer escape the heat.

Tree gives shade, roots trash my yard. Tough fight.

The family and I will be spending all day in the yard tomorrow. We have playground mulch being delivered this weekend, and need to get the weed cloth down under the swing set first. Hubby will be spending his morning finishing up the re-purposed deck that came with aforementioned Big Blue B. Without the deck we will have to pole vault into the pool. How very Olympian.

Concrete retaining wall done, and the forms are now cleaned up.

Next week we rototill the backyard, level, and install a new sprinkler system. In three days. Don't tell my husband, but even for us I think that is pushing it.

I walked into my garden last night, only to find these little visitors. While they were cute, I told them they had to go home and wrangled them back into the neighbors yard. Momma dog was very pleased.

Eight little puppies in all.Including a chubba little girl who got stuck trying to push through the fence.

I think I am going to start eating smoothies for lunch. I have a really healthy meal every day for breakfast, and typically eat a healthy dinner. But lunch. Yeah, not so much. And my waste line is reflecting this.

Lately Gabriel will pretend his food is talking to him. He does it quietly and with such absorption I don't have the heart to tell him not to play with his food.

Carrots and zuchinni, oh my!

Abigail thinks hats and sippy cups are hilarious. They are a sure fire attention getter and guaranteed giggle maker for the little love.

My brother starts his Jr. year of high school next month. It still blows me away how quickly he has grown up, and the kind of man he is becoming. I am so proud of him.

That's it. Tomorrow is What We Are Eating Wednesday, and another post on a controversial topic in these parts: pancakes. Serious stuff, I know.

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