Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bubble Run 5k: Have a Good Clean Run

Ever long for a fun run that left you feeling refreshed rather than dirty and exhausted? The Bubble Run is just that!

Using my go to resource for fun runs, Groupon, I found out about and signed up for a local Bubble Run. 


Run through colored bubbles in the middle of a heat wave? I'm in! 

Gabe had been asking me for days if he could run in the bubbles with me. I was worried about him being run over in the bubble bog pits and I do not own a jogging stroller. But the morning of the run I looked at that cute face and I couldn't say no. We pulled out an old graco stroller, put some sunglasses and a bandana on him, and away we went.

The run (ha, ha, see what I did there?) down: 

Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Fun stuff: 5 different colorful bubble bogs where a machine spews bubbles at you
Swag: Bubble run t-shirt, temprary tattoo, and a plastic visor as well as a water bottle and granola bar after the run
Bonus: Each bubble bog station had creative names such as "Ring, Ring....Yellow", "It's Not Easy Being Green", and "Rolling in the Pink". 
Bummers: Not much to do after the run

Every bubble bog would result in Gabe being completely buried. He was thrilled! We would pull the bandana over his nose and mouth before each bog, and he came through unharmed.

The bubbles were surprisingly dry. In that, you didn't slip around and once you were a few feet out of the bog you were dry. No slimy bubble residue. And on a hot summer day, the cooling bubbles felt awesome! My new official opinion is that all runners should be doused in bubbles every 1/4 mile. So, run planners, get on that. Okay?

We were left a little tye died after the run, especially our feet where the squishy bubblieness took longest to dry.

Yes, you may need a pedicure after this run. Or a manicure for all the gentlemen out there. But unlike the Color Run, this dye washed off easily in the shower.

I would do this race again in a heart beat. In fact, next year Gabe and Abby both will be running through the bubbles with me! Who knows, maybe we can even convince Trent to join us (hint, hint, wink, wink).

Thank you Bubble Run for a Good Clean Run!

Do you have a favorite fun run? Please share!! I need inspiration and motivation to lace up my running shoes five days a week.  And don't forget to follow our blog for more interesting content!

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