Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finding Peace Right in Front of Me

Lately everything has been go, go, go around here. Projects to finish, time lines to follow, work for Trent, stress for me. Like a tidal wave it has washed over me, creating a great feeling of self disappointment. Disappointment that I cannot provide an answer all of our problems immediately. Disappointment that our children cannot be involved in all the things I want for them. Disappointment that Trent will most likely be working two jobs for at least another year.

Today I made a realization. What my children need is not classes or a minivan. They don't need a bigger house, or more toys. What they need is their parents to be present. Not simply there with them physically, but to have us actively involved in their lives. And when I do that, the oddest thing happens. I am happy. All of those things that had seemed like such a big deal seem insignificant in comparison to the relationship and memories I am creating with my children.

My children are a blessing in so many ways. And today as we played in our pool for the first time, they gave me yet another gift. Perspective. The house, the projects, the struggle. They are all for a purpose. But without the joy, love, and connection my children and I create by spending interactive time together all of the other stuff is pointless.

Today with my family left me feeling renewed and uplifted in ways I haven't felt in months. I love my life. I love my family. And our future will be wonderful - because we are going to actively make the choice everyday to believe so.

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