Thursday, September 26, 2013

Run or Dye 5k: I Ran the Rainbow! Tips for a Colorful Run.

This May I did something I had never done before: I ran a 5k. When picking my first race, I needed something that wasn't serious. Nothing timed or competitive. Enter: Run or Dye

I'm sure you have most likely heard of a run like this in some form (Color Run, Color Me Rad, ect.). The Run or Dye 5k had a Groupon for $22, making this an inexpensive investment for a first run.

If you are unframiliar with these types of runs the gist is this: You run 3.1 miles. During your run there are 5 different color points. At each point you are pelted with Holi powder (technically Holi is an Indian holiday, and the powder is used in its celebration). 

Holi powder is colored, scented, and "technically washable". But if you do not want to sport the rainbow on your face, hair, and car for days on end you can take steps.

Tips for Your Colorful Run:

Put leave in conditioner in your hair. 
While the color powders are fun and you will love having photos of you looking like a walking box of fruity pebbles, eventually you will want the color to come out. If you put leave in conditioner or coconut oil in your hair prior to the race, it creates a barrier between your hair and the powder. This will help all the color wash out. Remember to work it into your scalp as well to avoid long term purple scalp.

Lather yourself in extra moisturizing body cream. The princaple is the same as the hair tip: the moisturizers create a barrier between your skin and the dye in the Holi powder.

Make sure to really work the moisturizer into the creases (inner elbows, behind knees, arm pit area, ect).

After the race, do not immediately use warm water to wash off. 

Think of washing stained clothing: cold wash only. 
Since I wasn't about to take an ice cold shower, I did a pre-wash first. I wiped down with baby wipes, which removed a huge amount of the color. Then I took a lukewarm shower, and used a loofah to remove the rest of the color from my skin.

Waterproof makeup and moisturizer really help keep the color from staining your face. I also recommend you buy a cheap pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

The Holi powder can also irritate your lungs, and tastes aweful if it gets in your mouth. Wearing a bandana around your neck allows you to protect your mouth when you run through the color pelting spots.

Don't wear anything you love. To this day my shoes are stained. 

This is something you really need to think about. The Holi powder will be coming home with you. Unless you like the tye dye look for your car, you need to take steps to protect it. 

Wipe down with baby wipes before getting in the car. Change your clothes if possible, bagging up your colorful shoes and clothing to deal with later. 

If you can, invest in some cheap seat covers. At least put towels over the seat and on the floor. If you had people there rooting you on, remember they most likely have Holi powder on their shoes too.

Above all, have fun! If you came prepared this can be a hugely enjoyable event, with no long lasting stains. 

Enjoy running the rainbow!

Have you done a colorful run? Share your tips or stories!

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  1. "looking like a walking box of fruity pebbles"... LOL!!! Classic....