Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sun, Sand, and Splash Pads

With the weather heating up here, the kids were in need of a little vacation time. But with a backyard remodel in full swing, what is a mom to do?

This mom channeled her inner Tim Gunn and decided to "make it work".

Sunshine fun? No shortage of that here.

Stylish little lady, stylish!

Sand for castle building and excavating? Check!

Great way to reuse the dirt we removed while leveling the pool area.

Splash pad for hours of cool off fun? You got it little man!

Gabriel decided to put his lawnmower on top of a sprinkler

"Mom, you have to try this!"
While I know this doesn't look stylish, we accomplished exactly what we wanted. All of us outside enjoying the summer together. In a month the remodel will be done, and they will have a perfectly manicured area to play in. For now I will let them enjoy(safely) a little dirt, a little mess, and a lot of sunshine.

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