Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yard Sale - AKA Haggling Over .50

I have stuff. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Some good, some great, and some I would pay you to take. Seriously.

It has become a Saturday morning tradition around here to have a good ol' fashion yard sale. My lovely sister in law is expecting baby number two, and her eagerness to clear out her place in preparation lit a fire under my tush to do the same. So for three weeks now we have been getting up ridiculously early and hauling out the boxes.

I have to say it feels good. Really, really good. My little family has collected so much misc. stuff over the last few years. Not that we are hoarders (do all hoarders say that?), our lives have just been so tumultuous we have either a.) accumulated family member hand me downs b.) never had time to go through things c.) I have been to sentimentally attached to let it go.

Well my friends we are letting it all go. And besides the slight monetary gain every Saturday (Pizza and beer money, yay!) I have been gaining some much needed emotional release. Doesn't hurt that it has given my sister-in-law and I some quality time.

So here's to yard sales. May we one day have no baggage (physically or emotionally) left to haggle over.

Our snack station. Coffee, cookies, chips, soda. 
Although I think the helpers ate more cookies than we sold.

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