Monday, November 4, 2013

Hide and Seek

 My favorite game to play with my kiddos is Hide-and-Seek.  When playing, I encourage different methods of "counting," so we reinforce things we've taught them.  I'll have Gabe (3) count to 10, then 20, then 30.  I'll have him recite the ABC's before he "ready-or-not's."  Sing songs, count backwards, whatever we've been working on I'll have him do before he can come find me. 

When it's his turn to hide, watching his creativity is incredible.  He's come up with some amazing hiding spots in a small house with limitations (no hiding in this room)!  

I think it also encourages trust.  Trust that I will come and find him.  And he knows I trust him to find me.  I've noticed that after playing a lot with my kids, they are better behaved.  They listen better, respect us more, and have a better overall temperament.  

Without flash

With Flash

While Gabe and I take turns hiding, Abby (2) tags along with whoever is seeking.  I let her do the finding.  I'll give her leading clues if she has trouble, but she's very quick.  Her ability to analyze situations improves each time we play.  

I try my best to challenge him when I'm hiding, but sometimes I can't help but have fun with it, "you can't see me!"  Gabe and Abbs weren't fooled.

Overall, it's a great way to have fun while learning!


  1. LOL! The pictures of Gabe peeking... so funny!

    1. He's had so many creative hiding spots, but the only ones I seem to take pictures of are in closets! Argh! Once he hid in the center part of his art easel. Once he shimmied underneath his bed which only has like 5-6 inches of clearance. And one time he even hid inside his dresser. If the center panel hadn't been knocked out, it would have taken forever to spot him!

      He's one smart cookie.