Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

You survived Halloween! Hope you all had a safe and fun time.

We spent most of the day hanging out at home, saving the kiddos energy for the walking later. I managed to fit in a 3.5 mile run into the morning, which of course created more room for candy!

After getting the kiddos ready, we attempted to get a photo of them looking cute and presentable. This was the best we got. 

A quick stop for dinner and then we were off! This year we tried out a new neighborhood near family, which required a bit of a drive.

This was the first year Abby was able to really take part in the trick-or-treating. Our adorable little Woody loved it! At every house people would say "Oh what a cute cowgirl!" and she would reply "Yea haw cowgirl!". Had us laughing all night.

Gabe had a "roar"ing good time. Ha, see what I did there? He loved being allowed to roar at everyone. 

Trent and I quickly realized that although his Pac Man costume and my jelly fish hat were awesome, this neighborhood was too dark at night for us to wear them and still be able to see the kids. 

It's ok, we still get to "treat" from the kids candy bag. You know, as a transportation and supervision fee.

This morning we enjoyed a piece of candy...or two...with our breakfast and Abby was quickly back in her favorite outfit. I'm not sure we are getting her out of this Woody costume anytime soon.

Another fun and wonderful Halloween in the books! 

Did you make a great costume this year? Share your photos with us on our Facebook page!

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