Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Throw Pillows

It's almost Thanksgiving! Do you have your meal plans ready? Or, if you are not cooking this year, have you prepared your liver for wine?

We are really in the festive spirit here. But as I was going through my holiday boxes, I found a sad lacking of Thanksgiving stuff. My DIY Thanksgiving table runner was looking to be it. 

Since we are hosting this year, I really wanted our home to have reminders of Thanksgiving all over. So I took matters into my own hands, and started with these easy, adorable, and festive pillows!


Blank pillow case or slip cover in a thinner fabric (I made my own slip covers to fit my existing sofa pillows.)
Fabric paint
Small paint brushes in various sizes
Wax paper
A good movie to watch while you paint (I went with Jingle All the Way)

Start by creating your design. Make sure you size it to match the blank pillow cover you have. 

You are welcome to use our design! Just right click the image, then save it to your computer. All I ask is you give credit to us here at This inSane House.

When you have the design just as you want it, change your printer to "poster" setting. This will print the picture out on several pages maintaining the original size. 

Once it is printed, just tape it together. Trim any excess along the edges. You need to make it narrow enough to slip inside your pillow.

Slide your design into your pillow case. This is why you needed a thinner material. Now you can clearly see the design through the fabric, and it is time to start tracing!

Once you have traced your design, remove the paper and place wax paper inside your pillow. This will keep the paint from bleeding through onto the back of the pillow.

Let the painting commence!

I used two smaller brushes to paint the design on. Because I chose swirly-fancy-shmancy cursive font, it did take a while to make it perfect. Luckily I had a good movie on to keep me occupied. Side note: don't you just love requisitioning your kids stuff for your own purposes? Thanks kiddos for the use of your Sesame Street table!

Once you have finished painting, let it dry overnight before removing the wax paper. Easy peasy!

I was so happy with how it turned out, I decided to make another.

Happy crafting!!  Love the pillows but don't have the time to make them yourself, order them from our etsy shop!

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