Sunday, November 10, 2013


For our third anniversary, we decided to throw out our customary dinner and a movie and played like kids!  

My mom came over to watch the kids, and with some hugs and kisses for the kiddos, we were off!  We started the night with some competitive golfing at Boomers!

I started by swinging for the fences. 

But ended up in the rough.

Megan couldn't have been happier about my "strategery."

So I switched to small-ball.

We had a blast with the miniature golf.  And after 18 grueling holes, my score keeping put her up by at least 10 points!  Although, there may have been some generous smudges to the score card.

After the golfing, we went to the batting cages, something Megan had never done before!

Do I stand like this?  Well, I like your smile!  

She got some great hits in after we worked on her stance, and felt some amazing fulfillment from crushing the ball long!

Why don't I do this more often!  It's been forever since picking up a bat, and it always feels incredible!

Next we went inside for some air hockey!

After a long fought battle, and several little kids waiting impatiently, I emerged victorious!

Before leaving Boomers, we found a photo booth to makeout get our picture taken. We have a long history with photo booths, and not all of it is good. We usually get 2-3 amazing photos, and one that is impressively awful.  This time didn't disappoint!

Next we went to K1 Speed, a local indoor go karting placing. While we waited in line for our race, I learned a new trick on the pool table.

Our race came up and it was a blast! These were serious go karts, and if you were not careful you could end up flipping around a corner.

For dinner, we visited one of our old stomping grounds; Hennessey's Tavern. Nothing like comfort food and beer to wrap up a fun day of competition  celebration.

After some food and delicious booze, we ordered some bread pudding for dessert.  Megan's bread pudding is way better, but with our booze fuddled brains it was enjoyable.

From the pub, we stumbled to our hotel nearby to sleep off the alcohol.  It was an amazing night with my lovely wife.  It's always wonderful to recharge your batteries.  To get back to our relationship's roots, before the kids, house, and projects. 

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