Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Backyard Landscaping: Jacuzzi Time!

Trent and I are affectionately referred to as scroungers by our family. At least I hope it is affectionately.  Recently we were searching the free section on Craigslist for landscaping supplies
 (a backyard transformation isn't cheap people!) and came across this beauty.

I seven person, fully functioning hot tub in great condition. It was on a rental property and with the current tenants moving out, the owner wanted the tub gone so he could redo the patio. Nice! 

It has been a dream of Trent's for a long time to have a hot tub. What better a price than free?
With a lot of muscular help from the contractor and his crew working on the property we loaded it up onto a flat bed trailer and towed it on home.

Once home, we ran into a small snag. It was a weekday. No one was home. And we didn't have the muscle to get it into the back. Did I mention this thing weighs 1,000 lbs? So in our driveway it sat for a few days. I'm sure our neighbors just looooved us.

Finally, using some ingenuity, Trent strapped two furniture dollies to the bottom of it and with just four of us we hoisted that bad boy up into the air.

The hubbs and our good friend Robert striking a celebratory pose.
Slowly we rolled it into the backyard. Once we hit the dirt-patch-that-will-eventually-be-grass we used sheets of plywood to provide a solid base to roll the massive thing on.

It was 100 degree weather that day. Which I am sure you know is the best time to be moving heavy hot tubs. 1,000 lb hot tubs.

Oh yeah. I am styling. And melting. And in desperate need of a shower and an adult beverage.

We had preped the area already by laying down a 2" bed of 3/4 gravel on a level pad of compacted dirt.

Finally, with all hand on deck we got the sucker down there. Success!

It still needs the electrical to be run before we can use it, but having it out of the driveway is a huge success. With it in place we can make sure to align the sprinklers and sod properly around the area. By next summer there will be a large two level redwood deck wrapping around the front of the hot tub and the pool.

Next up: Cleaning up and prepping for Abigail's birthday!