Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting Stuff Close

If only that title said "Getting Stuff Done", but sadly the cold circulating around has really hit our house hard. Poor Abby cannot breath, leaving her unable to use her bink. No binki = no bueno in our house. Add to that the molars coming in, and she is a sad mess.

Gabe seems to finally be on the mend, but his cough kicks in at night. The adults in the house are trucking along, although there are times when Trent's face looks like it might melt off.

I think Nicholas is the only one able to avoid this bug. Lucky jerk.

Despite feeling crummy, we are doing our best to get prep work done for a special event. Gabe's 3rd Birthday party! It is so surreal to me that our funny, stubborn, and smart little man is turning 3. I am so happy we will be able to celebrate in a fun, exciting, and fitting way.

For today I am done with the prep. Now I am off to eat oranges, while drinking orange juice, followed by a chaser of NyQuil and tea.


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