Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back and Forth : How the New Year Feels

2012 was a weird year for me. The two years prior I had brought new little people into our family. There had been huge house projects and big changes. In comparison 2012 held a lot of half finished things.

The backyard makeover that started with such promise has been left incomplete. The deck, sod, fire pit, and numerous other pieces laying half done.

The feeling of  half-done extends in to the house with little projects everywhere looking sad and abandoned.

Part of it has just been time. Hubs worked two jobs for the majority of the year and I went back to school (so grateful!), however that doesn't temper the sting of feeling lacking.

Perhaps it was a good thing this year was slow. A blessing to refocus our priorities. But it is hard for me to look around and not tally up all we have to tackle this year in addition to our plans for 2013.

2013 is going to be an adjustment. Hubs and I will both be going to school, in addition to him working full time. Abigail is getting bigger, and it is hard to believe but our little Gabe is turning 3 this month!!

We have big plans for the homestead this year. A main bath remodel, moving a wall and building a custom wardrobe in the master bedroom, new counter tops in the kitchen, and new storage system in the kids closet. All this in addition to finishing up the projects from last year.

I think my big goal for 2013 is two fold: be realistic and knowledgeable about the time you have. Having plans for big projects is great, it keeps you driven. But having unrealistic expectations about the time available for these things will only create disappointment. My family needs time first, the house will have to wait. And my feelings of failure over projects needs to shift to joy at the abilities and joy my children display every day.

Happy New Year!

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