Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Icky Icky

About a month ago our little house became victims of a stomach bug. Gabriel and Abigail were the hardest to console, after all their poor little bodies had never been through the violent muscle lurching that comes with a night hugging a bucket. However they bounced back in fine form with only ten loads of laundry and a new vocab word to mark the occasion. That word is "icky".

Sadly the poor little man has had bountiful opportunity to use his new found expression of ill health. The terrible cold that has been making the rounds through our area has hit the wee man full force. He is still a chattering ball of energetic determination. His chattering just happens to now sound like a frog serenade and the majority of his energy is put forth trying to convince me the watching Monsters, Inc. for the 500th time really would be a great way to spend the day.

While we hunker down with the kiddos, attempting to ease them past the newest icky to strike, all house projects sit in limbo. The new kitchen bench, grouting the kitchen tile, landscaping the front yard, and replanting my vegetable gardens can wait.

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