Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Impressions

I believe in positive first impressions. As such, let me attempt to introduce my little household in the most flattering light possible.

This is me. Megan, aka the mom, aka the crafter, aka that crazy woman who intentionally had kids 18 months apart.

This is the hubbs. Trent, aka dad, aka the handyman, aka the gifted wood worker, aka the man responsible for making the visions my children and I have a reality

This is the eldest. Gabriel, aka the little man that made me a mom, aka monkey, aka mischief maker.

And this little chick a dee is Abigail. Aka, little love, aka miss cranky butt, aka puffalump.

We live in a little house full of big projects. Rounding out our little family is my teenage brother, Nicholas (who has a strong aversion to being photographed), two old cranky cats, and a crankier old mutt of a dog. We fill our days with laughs, food, tantrums, meltdowns, hugs, and a to do list the size of Santas' naughty/nice list.

My hope it to use this place as a space to document our day to day lives as the kiddos grow, the to do list shrinks (ha!) and we all continue to grow together as a family. Maybe I will make some new friends, share some great tips, and grow along the way.

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