Monday, August 19, 2013

What to Expect When Skydiving

As a birthday present I got to do something I've always wanted to: jump out of a perfectly good airplane! 

Before getting suited up, you will have to sign a large amount of documents that state:
  • You are knowingly doing a dangerous act.
  • You will not have the right to sue.
  • Life insurance will not pay out
These documents scared me more than the skydiving did, but once you get through them you're one step closer to a huge rush!  Don't forget to bring valid ID for this paperwork.

You will be offered video and photos of your jump for additional fees.  GET IT!  This is a once in a lifetime activity; you'll want to have records of it. Plus, jumping with a photographer added to the experience; we almost ran into him in the air a few times!

Now it's time to get suited up and get into the plane.  Make sure you wore pants.  Tandem suits are similar to climbing or zip lining harnesses, but they have hooks on the shoulders and hips for the instructor to clip himself to.  Your suit will not have it's own parachute.  Once you're all tightened up, you get into the plane!

The plane will be tiny, and cramped!  You'll be seated in front of your jump instructor.  If you didn't have a chance to before, you will have a few minutes to discuss things with the instructor.  He will go over procedures for free fall, parachuting, and landing. 

If you get dizzy easily, I suggest you ask your instructor for minimal spinning while you parachute down.  My instructor had us spinning like a top on the way down, but most of the other ones kept it to smooth glides.  Personally I loved it, the spinning made our velocity faster and it was a blast!

Now, the only thing left to do is...jump out!

The free fall feels like 10 seconds, even though it lasts for about a minute.  WHAT A RUSH!

When the parachute deploys, you will feel every spot where the harness's are connected to your body jerk.  I had bruises on my thighs for a few days afterwards

Remember to look around at the amazing view! It's not often you'll be able to see something like this.

The last bit is to stick the landing.  Go get your pictures and video.  And go get a beer, you've earned it!

Jumped out of plane yourself? Terrified of the prospect? Let us know your thoughts and stories!


  1. Just reading about it makes my stomach turn! What an awesome experiance. Maybe I'll have enough balls to try it out sometime! Cilla

    1. You can do it! It's amazing, no feeling comes close.

  2. Trent! I never once thought you would be one to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!