Two kids under four. Two parents on a longer than normal college journey. Fixer upper house.
Long to-do list.

Our little family was established 9 years ago when two high school sweethearts decided to stick it out for the long haul. Now we find ourselves with two kids, Gabe (3) and Abby (2), a 1960's fixer upper, and hopes that are often bigger than our pocket books.

We are all about quality projects on a budget and getting our hands dirty. Our home is reflective of the time we put in it, and our kids are now very familiar with the names of power tools.

Every day is an adventure and a challenge, with crafts, cooking, glitter,  finger paints and miter saws.

We hope you find our projects inspiring, or at least a little helpful. So much of what we have accomplished was done through trial and error, and we would love to help save you some of both.

Enjoy taking a look around, and if you like what you see we hope you follow and come back for more!

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